Secondary Operations and Parts Assembly

Our team at Apcoe is committed to being a full-service partner to industries in all sectors.


Why Choose Apcoe?

Choosing a quality company to partner with to handle your secondary operations will give your core team the ability to channel its resources towards more mission-critical operations.

Control costs

Convert your fixed labor costs into a variable cost pay-what-you-need service. Frees up cash flow for investment into other parts of your business.

Increase Efficiency

It is more efficient as a business to focus your efforts on what you are good at. Lets us help with the other secondary operations.

Reduce Risks

We help build a level of consistency in your business. Someone quits in a area of expertise we supply you would still function smoothly without interruption.


Secondary manufacturing operations involves performing additional work on parts or materials that have already been subjected to a primary machining process. There are many types of secondary machining processes which include removing unwanted material from a part, refine an existing feature, or produce some other type of enhancement beyond the scope of primary machining. At Apcoe, we offer a variety of secondary operations even including shipping your product directly from our facility.


Many parts require welding including nuts to brackets, brackets to strikers and other various assembly components.


Processes of fastening and/or bonding procedures to add components to parts either temporarily or permanently.


Inspecting your product before it ships is an effective way of preventing quality problems and supply chain disruptions further down the line.


Using tensile or compressive forces to shape your part into it desired geometry.


Very important secondary operation for permanent connections between or within a part structure.


Let Apcoe package and ship your part directly from our facility to its desired location.


Apcoe, Inc. can be your partner for all your secondary operation needs. Contact us today for more information.


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